Would you vs. will you? (By Seth Godin)

Would you’ questions almost always fail to evoke useful information. That’s because people are nice, and want to spare your feelings. “Sure, if you built x, y and z, then of course I’d consider buying it.”

On the other hand, ‘Will you’ questions get to the truth immediately. “Yes, I’ll buy that from you today.”

You can do all the research in the world, but until you have the guts to make a sale, it’s difficult to be certain of anything.

Only the truth stands out!

Quick rant!

Daily fakeness overwhelms social platforms. Follow for follow, like for like, fake profiles, fake ads, crooks, etc. I’m aware of platforms being saturated and mature, that’s why I believe that only the truth will stand out!

I think that If people started telling their truth everything would be much more educational and fascinating! Do you agree?

What’s your truth?

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What’s your North Star?

A main pillar of growth hacking is identifying your North Star and going for that through a data-driven approach.

I absorbed this concept and made it mine. Knowing what I want allows me to have a clear direction. Tracking activities occurring in this path allows me to have a better understanding of the whole picture and, eventually, adjust along the way. Encountering obstacles is inevitable. Ups and downs are just part of my life as much as failure and success. Setting my North Star, creating and adjusting my strategy around it has proven beneficial though.

I just have to persevere!

Are you persevering?

Finding success within failure!

I failed at school, at soccer, and at making the right choices. I could have done much more, but I didn’t. Half of my life has been predicated on making mistakes.

As a result, with hindsight, it turns out this has been my major strength. Having a chip on my shoulder is so motivating, eventually I can stick it to everyone as no one expects anything from me.

Every failure is a lesson. It’s actually more practical and productive to connect the dots accumulated from our failures rather than linger on our success.

Every time I fail I accept it, as it’s the game teaching me something. In the long run, I believe this is the way to get where you want to be.

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Good weekend everyone!!

Staying with my passion!

Staying with my passions is the most practical thing I can do, without a doubt. When you stay with your passions and love what you do, the results are all upside.

If you don’t succeed, you’ll learn from your mistakes. If you do succeed, you’ll enhance your strength! Either way, you’ll stay and strengthen your circle of competence formed by your passions.

Only one shot at bat, love what you do!

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Going from a pan to a degree!

Moved to London in 2013 and started cleaning pans, graduated with a marketing degree in 2017.

I would like to share ten tips for anyone who is moving abroad and wants to learn a new language.

1. Don’t only hang out with people that speak your own language. Despite this sounding obvious, so many people take this comfortable route.

2. Keep a list of new words you learn on a daily basis. You might not remember them all initially, but you will pick up one or two and strengthen your vocabulary.

3. Ask, ask, ask. When you don’t understand just ask, ask, and ask.

4. Set your phone language to your new language.

5. Use the new words you learn so they become a part of your daily use.

6. Watch movies in your new language with subtitles and read books when you can.

7. Take short courses to fasten the process if you need to, and study at home when you can.

8. Don’t be shy. Speak as much as you can and make mistakes, it’s inevitable.

9. Be curious. Curiosity leads to discovery, discovering new things will broaden your cultural and language knowledge.

10. Date a mother-tongue girl or boy ☺️

Hope this will be useful!

Happy Australia Day, everyone!

Loving the game!

The third or even tenth person in charge in big corporations makes surely more money than 90% of small business owners. Oftentimes, monetary rewards are higher when you work for someone than when you are self employed.

However, to me, this is not about money but rather about the audacity to live life on my terms, taking control of it while loving the game of entrepreneurship. Strategizing, creating, thinking, the adrenaline, the risk of failure, learning. That’s it.

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Waiting to go all in!

I’m experiencing a transitory phase that started with being conservative in order to be able to go on the offense when the right time arrives.

Despite being eager about the idea of taking control of my life, this is time to be conservative.

Work hard, save the required money, always observe what’s going on around you, adjust your project if you have to….

…while waiting to go all in!

Press 👍🏻 or comment if you have had to do the same, felt the same, or planning to do the same!

A leap of faith!

New chapters imply new challenges. Starting over is despondent, the unknown generally scares. We get accustomed to what we have and it’s easier to sit back than going on the offense and pursuing our goals.

We convince ourselves it’s fine, but we know deep inside what’s right or wrong for us.

I’d say go on the offense and take a leap of faith!

Ps: fortune favors the bold, they say!

Managing micro failures!

Managing micro failure is a lesson I have learnt in the past five years. When you move abroad you apply for many jobs, have interviews and maybe trial shifts.

Eighty five per cent are unsuccessful. Companies don’t even read your resume most of the time. It’s normal, this is the game.

In the end, to get what you want, it is the courage to continue that counts!