Begin testing it

‘The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing’

Couldn’t it be more accurate? No.

In my own experience, the first thing I did, upon realising I would love to open my own business in the service industry, was to begin testing the product in my free time. This was three years ago.

Week by week experimenting with different recipes and methodologies, I combined what I was learning in the field with the insights that experiments generate in order to produce a product that would fully represent myself in my restaurant.

After years, the pursuit of achieving a ‘must-have’ hasn’t stopped. It never will. Allowing myself this time to practice and to learn was my humble recipe. I was patient, I set the results first and then deployed the necessary strategies to get to where I wanted. But more than anything I just got started!

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Author: Michael Pelizza

Documenting my road to entrepreneurship in hope of bringing value

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