Love what you do

❤️ what you do!

The power of loving what you do is contaminating.

In this new journey I’ve taken, having the possibility to plan and decide based on what I love doing is super exciting and rewarding for the hard work I have put in over the past 5 years

Some people have the ability to start what they love immediately. Some people don’t. I had to try stuff, change many jobs and experience different things before being able to determine what I want to do

I love the idea of ‘circle of competence’, explained by Warren Buffet. Just double or triple down on your strengths and your likes. Whatever they are. I love the process of creating an idea or a product that generates something valuable and of value for people. That’s why I’m in love with marketing and entrepreneurship.

I love when people are eager to tell how much they love what they do. It makes me happy.

Author: Michael Pelizza

Documenting my road to entrepreneurship in hope of bringing value

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