Loving the game!

The third or even tenth person in charge in big corporations makes surely more money than 90% of small business owners. Oftentimes, monetary rewards are higher when you work for someone than when you are self employed.

However, to me, this is not about money but rather about the audacity to live life on my terms, taking control of it while loving the game of entrepreneurship. Strategizing, creating, thinking, the adrenaline, the risk of failure, learning. That’s it.

Press ⭐️ if you love the game or share your opinion below.

Author: Michael Pelizza

Documenting my road to entrepreneurship in hope of bringing value

6 thoughts on “Loving the game!

      1. I can tell you, from my 60-something perspective now, that it will all work out for you. Just make the best decisions you can, at every junction. Keep up your faith, and keep moving forward. Stay resilient — you will succeed :)) That was my biggest question when I started my entrepreneurial ventures, back in my 20s. I’m happy to report, it has worked out well. Stay with your passion!!!!!

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      2. Thank you! That’s what I’m trying to do! Create a life around my passions and what I love to do! Despite knowing that it will take time, I’m super excited about this journey! I’m so happy when I hear stories like yours! Thank you for sharing that again!

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