Feeling down and then rising up again!

One of my biggest weaknesses is that every now and then I feel down and start questioning and doubting what I’m doing and the choice I’m making. When I stumble in this vortex I see things from a different/negative perspective. I think this relates to motivations. As my life is predicated on motivations and chasing the next goal, I think that falling into this trap is sometimes inevitable.

Luckily, this trap usually leads to a binary conclusion. Either I change, or keep going. I honestly wish I didn’t stumble into this vortex, but I assure you that once you get out of that you can rise up again and find the right motivation to keep going once again.

I guess it’s just life!

Author: Michael Pelizza

Documenting my road to entrepreneurship in hope of bringing value

5 thoughts on “Feeling down and then rising up again!

  1. Yes — even for us with a “positive” perspective there are times when the rain of discontent storms. Our job is to weather the storm as best we can, and realign with goodness as soon as we are able. Remember, this too, shall pass. Good job!!! :)) Dawn

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      1. I’ve been in a minor funk the past few days — I assumed it to be a shift in earth energy, and the fact that I’m cleaning up my house :)) :)) Hang in there :)) You’re doing great and I love reading your insightful and honest posts.

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