Love what you do

❤️ what you do!

The power of loving what you do is contaminating.

In this new journey I’ve taken, having the possibility to plan and decide based on what I love doing is super exciting and rewarding for the hard work I have put in over the past 5 years

Some people have the ability to start what they love immediately. Some people don’t. I had to try stuff, change many jobs and experience different things before being able to determine what I want to do

I love the idea of ‘circle of competence’, explained by Warren Buffet. Just double or triple down on your strengths and your likes. Whatever they are. I love the process of creating an idea or a product that generates something valuable and of value for people. That’s why I’m in love with marketing and entrepreneurship.

I love when people are eager to tell how much they love what they do. It makes me happy.

It’s good to be sad

Leaving tomorrow for Australia 🇦🇺, feeling sad as I should be.

Had a conversation today with few friends and all of them were dreading going back to work after their Christmas break. They don’t like their jobs, but they keep doing it.

This makes me feel lucky. Being able to embark on a new journey with the possibility to potentially do what I love really excites me.

I’m so driven by doing what I love that if I didn’t I would upset people around me and, in turn, it would generate negative sadness.

This sadness is positive. I think it’s good to be sad if what you’re doing will make people feel good through your positive vibes, instead of pleasing them in the short-term by giving up on your dreams.

It’s a matter of perspective

Best decision I made last year was (quit smoking) driven by a perspective

Thinking that smoking for 30-40-50 years could have a negative impact not just on me but, mostly, on the people next to me, changed the entire game and demonstrated that from that perspective it was all upside

In my future business I’ll try to apply this principle. Make decisions that in the long run will be all upside by applying this perspective notion

I think this process is super powerful, it has worked so well with me.

We stand on the shoulders of giants

I love learning from great entrepreneurs. One of my favourite at the moment is without a doubt @garyvee. The amount of valuable information he provides on a daily basis is impressive. Despite studying marketing and business, you only learn certain things by being a practitioner in the field.

In the pizza industry, I studied from the best pizza makers in order to achieve enough knowledge to be able to create a product that would truly represent me in my future restaurant. It is the same process, you have to learn from the best in order to progress.

I love the process of learning and then being knowledgeable about something.

This quote fits perfectly in my opinion.

Got to be positive

As I’m trying to open my own business and take control of my life it happens that some days I feel lonely in this journey

I remind myself not to get discouraged but, as @garyvee reminds us, entrepreneurship makes you feel lonely sometimes. The key to me is to stay positive and be authentic to myself

I love to think that some of the best days haven’t happened yet. It helps me to push myself. Too many people get discouraged. Tag someone who needs to hear this

I hope this will bring some value

Begin testing it

‘The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing’

Couldn’t it be more accurate? No.

In my own experience, the first thing I did, upon realising I would love to open my own business in the service industry, was to begin testing the product in my free time. This was three years ago.

Week by week experimenting with different recipes and methodologies, I combined what I was learning in the field with the insights that experiments generate in order to produce a product that would fully represent myself in my restaurant.

After years, the pursuit of achieving a ‘must-have’ hasn’t stopped. It never will. Allowing myself this time to practice and to learn was my humble recipe. I was patient, I set the results first and then deployed the necessary strategies to get to where I wanted. But more than anything I just got started!

Tag or share with a friend who just needs to get started.

Neapolitan pizza blast

When quality can meet quantity.

Neapolitan pizza, originating in Naples in 1715, is the perfect epitome of a fast food serving concept. Made in 60-90 seconds and eaten in 5 minutes, a successful pizzeria can make between 500 and 600 pizzas every day.

Through the mastering of their skills maestros of pizza would combine capability and commodity processes, in the same way surgeons execute high skilled manoeuvres and overtime turn them into routine tasks. In doing so, a high quantity could be produced without a drop in quality.

This balance is what was lost with the advent of fast-food.

In a world where we see on-the- go diners eating with one hand and socializing on their phone with the other, it was not practical to believe that high quality could be incorporated without removing efficiency.

Traditional Neapolitan pizzeria’s prove this wrong, and the Internet and Social media has allowed the word to spread.

Pizzaioli migrated around the world, looking for new opportunities in untapped markets; Sorbillo in the United States, Pizzeria da Michele in the United Kingdom, and Andrea Cozzolino in Australia are leading this change overseas.

The popularity of fast-food pizza is decreasing while gourmet and speciality pizzas are marching their way to prominence. And they are coming to take over.

Time has changed. The intangibility of UNESCO status as well as the visibility acquired through publications around the world – from the New York Times downward – testify to the fact that a global revolution of the worldwide pizza industry is well underway.

Combining speed of processes with the highest quality is not a utopian concept anymore – not even a new one – but rather one ancient and ingrained in Italian culture for hundreds of years.

Back to the future, in 2018 your one-minute Margherita pizza will be the best of your life.

First things first

My very first blog. Not embarrassed but excited!!

Italian born, a graduate of London’s Middlesex University, and about to migrate to Australia in hope of starting my own business in the hospitality sector.

In this blog I will document my journey as aspirant entrepreneur, striving to bring value to potential readers, knowing I will learn as I go and that “I know that I know nothing”.

I will continue my journey with humility and patience in pursuit of new opportunities.

Not embarrassed, but excited! Let’s put out some contents!!

Hope to hear stories and comments, while sharing ideas and perspectives.

Hope you’ll find it useful!

Much love