You have to care the most about your own business

Mostly in SMEs (hospitality industry) business owners have fake expectations. Some money starts coming in and they get fancy. They expect you to work harder than what they do while playing with your time through exploiting casual contracts and foreign workers who, usually, don’t know how rules apply overseas.

This concept is broken. You have to care the most, that’s your own little business. Eventually, your chefs, waiters etc. will all leave, and they, potentially, might do it in one go. But you, the owner, will still have your own little business. You’re going to lose in the long-run.

When employees turnover gets higher and higher you need to start questioning yourself. You hired them, therefore you must get exposed. I honestly think this industry is broken and I’m so fired up that I’ll try my best to give my contribution, even if very small, to improve and divulgate sane principles that, I’m sure, will win the marathon.

Please, take care of your employees…

Richard Branson is so inspiring on so many levels.

In his quote “Take care of your employees and they will take care of your business” Branson simply revealed the biggest truth that can be applied in any workplace.

Showing gratitude, mutual respect and appreciation always reciprocate, but yet business owners (in my experience) do not apply this simple principle.

Do you really expect your employees to care more about your business than you do by treating them poorly?

It just doesn’t work!

Why do you keep doing it then?

A leap of faith!

New chapters imply new challenges. Starting over is despondent, the unknown generally scares. We get accustomed to what we have and it’s easier to sit back than going on the offense and pursuing our goals.

We convince ourselves it’s fine, but we know deep inside what’s right or wrong for us.

I’d say go on the offense and take a leap of faith!

Ps: fortune favors the bold, they say!