Listening clearly (By Seth Godin)

It’s entirely possible that people aren’t listening closely to you any more.

There’s so much noise, so much clutter… hoping that customers, prospects, vendors and co-workers will stop what they’re doing and listen closely and carefully enough to figure out what you mean is a recipe for frustration.

Perhaps there’s an alternative. Maybe, instead of insisting that people listen more closely, you could speak more clearly.

That’s what great design and great copy do. They speak clearly so that people don’t have to listen so hard.

Finding success within failure!

I failed at school, at soccer, and at making the right choices. I could have done much more, but I didn’t. Half of my life has been predicated on making mistakes.

As a result, with hindsight, it turns out this has been my major strength. Having a chip on my shoulder is so motivating, eventually I can stick it to everyone as no one expects anything from me.

Every failure is a lesson. It’s actually more practical and productive to connect the dots accumulated from our failures rather than linger on our success.

Every time I fail I accept it, as it’s the game teaching me something. In the long run, I believe this is the way to get where you want to be.

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Good weekend everyone!!

Work for free!

Despite working for free being ethically incorrect, the market doesn’t care if you have moved from country to country or if you graduated in a specific field.

It’s the experience that makes you stand out from the crowd. With this being said, I’m willing to work for free to build that experience and have a side hustle that pays the bills.

I truly think this is a good way to create your path towards your desired career.

Start humble! A degree means very little!

Discovering my new city

Discovering Brisbane 🇦🇺

Sunday stroll looking around the city. Don’t know if you have visited this Nepalese 🇳🇵pagoda, but I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to see something cool.

Love Asian culture in all its forms