We better value people’s time!

Time is something that everyone cares about despite their ethnicity or religion.

Having worked for more than half a decade in the hospitality, I have experienced how much people do not value your time.

They send you home when the restaurant isn’t busy, and they expect you to stay longer when the premises is full. You are paid hourly and your contract is usually casual.

This is wrong itself, but it gets worse. You make plans based on your weekly shifts and you end up being in a limbo in which the time you allocate to sort your life outside your workplace gets constantly messed up.

I believe that if you want your employees to be performing at their very best, you need to respect and value their time. Period.

Please, take care of your employees…

Richard Branson is so inspiring on so many levels.

In his quote “Take care of your employees and they will take care of your business” Branson simply revealed the biggest truth that can be applied in any workplace.

Showing gratitude, mutual respect and appreciation always reciprocate, but yet business owners (in my experience) do not apply this simple principle.

Do you really expect your employees to care more about your business than you do by treating them poorly?

It just doesn’t work!

Why do you keep doing it then?

Loving the game!

The third or even tenth person in charge in big corporations makes surely more money than 90% of small business owners. Oftentimes, monetary rewards are higher when you work for someone than when you are self employed.

However, to me, this is not about money but rather about the audacity to live life on my terms, taking control of it while loving the game of entrepreneurship. Strategizing, creating, thinking, the adrenaline, the risk of failure, learning. That’s it.

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